Types of Social Media Roles

Many companies that we work with are unsure of the actual type of role that is most appropriate for their social media marketing.  The challenge is that social media positions range from entry-level to executive and from executional to highly strategic.  It is important to understand where your social media position falls on the spectrum in order to best define the position.

When considering the position and title for your social media or internet marketing, there are a few different types of common positions.

Community Manager

A community manager is typically a position with the primary objectives of connecting with customers and potential future customers. A community manager is typically passionate about social media, connecting with people and the products that you are selling.  They connect with customers, build relationships, advocate for the company, advocate for the customers and are the face of the company in social media.

A community manager is typically active on a number of different social networks on behalf of the company. Since they represent the company, it is important that they have a strong understanding of both the company and the customers. One of the key challenges with community managers is defining the position, setting objectives, prioritizing and achieving meaningful results.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is typically a slightly more strategic role than the community manager. While the community manager is tasked with connecting with the community, a social media manager manages multiple social media strategies and assets.

The social media manager is usually responsible for setting the strategies and goals for social media as well as managing the social media presence.  This typically includes setting the strategy, executing the strategy and measuring results. This strategic position usually involves managing the strategy and execution of a social media presence or campaign.

Social Media Director

A social media director is a higher level position that translates the corporate strategy and marketing objectives into a social media marketing plan, and oversees the execution. This typically involves interacting with multiple departments within an organization. For larger organizations, when creating a social media strategy multiple stakeholders within the organization must be involved. Getting organizational buy-in and working with senior leaders in an organization is typically a higher level position.

A social media director helps set the strategy and direction for a social media execution.  This role may also include managing other aspects of internet marketing, which are usually related to social media.

The Key To Success in Your Social Media Job Title

The key to success in selecting your social media job title and the scope of the position is to consider the level of strategic thought vs. execution that is required for success. Many organizations hire entry-level positions when their social media strategy isn’t defined. Be sure to carefully consider the scope and responsibilities when you are crafting the position.


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